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Neighborhood Coyote April 6, 2010

Filed under: Neighborhood Nature Notes — Sandy Beverly @ 9:24 pm

For my outdoor wanderings, I almost always go to a natural area near my home in central west Lawrence.  It’s not the nicest of areas; there’s litter, and the woods is full of invasive honeysuckle (which really changes the character of a forest).  But I can walk there, which means that whatever I observe and experience teaches me something about my neighborhood.

Lately, I’ve been heading in that direction even when I’m going out for a stress-relieving power walk.  Who knows what I might learn, even when my mind is a million miles away?  And tonight, under a yellow, rumbling sky, I spotted a coyote.  I didn’t get a great view, but it was enough.  Enough to know that it was a coyote, enough to make my day, enough to keep me coming back.

So I will go to bed tonight knowing, firsthand, that this coyote and I share a territory.  Doesn’t that make the world a better place?


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