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Neighborhood Nature Notes–September 2010 September 11, 2010

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This is a log of nature observations for our neighborhood south of West Junior High.  Want to share your observations?  See below.  Or start your own nature notebook at home.  Find earlier Nature Notes by looking under “Categories” to the right.

September 2010

  • Sept 10–Saw a bat on my evening walk.   Guess they are still around and active.
  • Sept 9–A few black walnuts have fallen.  (Smell these fragrant green seeds!  But ones that have cracked open can stain your skin and clothes.  Walnut “husks” make a fine natural brown dye.)
  • Sept 8–A few lone fireflies here and there.  I think these are the ones who haven’t found a mate…
  • Sept 7–Still hearing soft night-time bug sounds, but cicadas seem to be gone.
  • Sept 3–Neighborhood owls have been noisy.  Great horned owls and especially barred owls.

Want to share your observations?  Add a comment or e-mail me ( and I will add to the log.  Send first name, age (if you’d like), observation, and your location in relation to a public school.

Or, start your own nature notebook at home, with your family.  Sometimes hard to keep at it, but lots of fun to look back at previous years to see if events are happening earlier or later.  We got a big kick out of observing our first-of-year bat on the same day two years in a row.